Kamavijitra is erotic art,  a fine art focusing on the love making of man and woman, same –sex relations, pederasty, and animals, including man and god. This depicts in forms of paintings, sculptures, and potteries.

Erotic art had a long history in Siam. Generally, the Siam’s erotic art can be found in the temple’s murals. Back to the historic time, the paintings were inspired by the lives of people in different periods, which some of them was blended with erotic art. People in that period had a perception of love-making as a natural of man and humor.

However, the popularity of erotic art had declined since the advent of western cultures, which shared the value that women should cover the clothes up on the body. Therefore, the erotic art of Siam has been perceived as a nasty attitude till present. 

“What in my collection must be exclusive erotic pieces of art and I have been collecting for 40 years”, said Mr. Uthaiphun, the owner of Kamavijitra. “For over 40 years, I have been travelled to different countries for business purpose and I have seen numerous kinds of erotic art museum. This questioned me why wouldn’t we have one  in Thailand while our erotic art is one of such beautiful and exquisite collections in the world.


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