In (the) box Solo Photo Exhibition

“IN (THE) BOX”, a solo photography exhibition by Sitthiporn Banjongpetch
Curated by Watjanasin Charuwattanakitti
Exhibit: 1 AUG 2020 – 30 AUG 2020
Location: Green Lantern Gallery

07 AUG 2020      OPEN RECEPTION at 7 PM.

Art Statement: In (the) box Solo Photograph Exhibition

Men’s perspectives on woman, women are seen as objects that stimulate sexual emotion. “If you didn’t show-off your lady parts, you wouldn’t be as remotely prone to sexual harassment.”  This old though is out date, but we do not know that it will be fade away from our society or come back again. No one know.  Are we moving to the shining future where people look other people with dignity?  Whatever we will be, please look other human as human not an object. Sitthiporn’s exhibition will be displayed at GREEN LANTERN GALLERY until the end of August.

Artist: Mr. Sitthiporn Banjongpetch

Born on May 26, 1978, Sitthiporn Banjongpetch, graduated from Bangkok’s Changslip College of Fine Art, a photographer who is very passionate in art. He is interested in reflection and create a subjectivity about the body like identity and like a part of the cultural context. Because the body is a territory of crossroads – of the biological, the pulsion, the social, the cultural and the spiritual.

Black and white photography is Sitthiporn Banjongpetch’s passion.

In “Transito” two man show exhibition, Sittiporn speaks about behavior or feelings, some people do not always express.  And others who do not know it as well and how people react and interact with an exclusion condition. He also uses his lens pass on idea of the beauty face and body of beautiful woman out differently in “Something in Sometime” two man show exhibition.

Photo from Transito Hidden Image
Something in Sometime Exhibition

A remarkable solo exhibition “Southern Land”, Sittiporn uses his camera to tell the story of people in southern Thailand’s Muslim community. Unlike stereotypical images or photos of attacks and unrest, this black-and-white series truly reveals the beauty of this people whose lifestyle is strongly linked to their traditions. Whether he illustrates culinary art, religious ceremonies or moments of daily life, in this series of photos Sitthiporn Banjongpetch shows a society adapting to today’s world whilst attempting to preserve and pass on its cultural heritage, despite the instability and insecurity in the region.

Southern Land Exhibition
Lost and Found Exhibition
Sitthiporn (Center)